Meet the Spartans

Rachel Bruce

Sparta Security Co-Ordinator

Rachel is the office manager and oversees the day to day running of the business, liaising with both staff and customers, ensuring Sparta provide an excellent service to all clients.

Jason Robson

Manager Of Sparta Night Patrol Team

Jason manages the night patrol team, which patrols both business premises and households at night. Jason also coordinates the Sparta CCTV control room.

James Waldron

Contracts Manager

James Waldron is Sparta's festival organiser. James organises events and festivals and deals with both static and commercial contracts for Sparta and also liaises with local councils and authorities on how to run different aspects that Sparta provide.

Jordan Douthwaite

Contracts Manager

Jordan controls teams for the Burglar Watch initiative and also the Sparta Rural Watch.

Francis Jones

Security Consultant

Francis ensures that Sparta remains a smooth running company with customer service paramount. Francis is a born again Christian and is passionate about reflecting his beliefs and values through Sparta Security.