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Sparta’s event security North East helps it to run smoothly

Sparta have been incredibly busy keeping the people and events of North East England safe over the last few weeks. We have teams of trained, professional security staff that can look after your event, large or small. Event security North East is one of our specialities. We can provide a few guards up to a… | Read More »


A doorbell camera can improve your home security

A doorbell camera can improve your home security There have been many adverts on the TV and across the internet for doorbell cameras that allow you to see who is at your front door. A doorbell camera can improve your home security no end. They give you the power to see who it is and… | Read More »


5 tips for the most effective event security

There has been a lot of talk over the weekend about the speech Jeremy Corbyn gave and the interruption she received at the Durham Miner’s Gala on Saturday 8th July 2017. It was a potentially awkward moment handled by the politician, but it did raise a few questions about the security that surrounded him. At… | Read More »


The top 5 security concerns for a small business

Running a small business is tough. There is so much to consider on top of making your customers happy. You need to keep an eye on every part of your business to ensure that you work profitably, retain profit margins and don’t put your business at risk. With this in mind, we at Sparta have… | Read More »


Sparta Hawk Eye is here and ready to protect you

Something that we are all excited about at Sparta HQ at the moment is Sparta Hawk Eye which is the most up to date piece of equipment available today. It connects us to your home or place of business so we can monitor you and keep you safe. We take business security as a high… | Read More »