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security tips for kids

Top security tips for kids – what to teach them

For parents, there is little more important than ensuring their children are safe. There are some great security tips for kids if you know what to teach them. Because of this, it is useful for parents to identify risks within the home. And work with their children to develop a plan, in case an emergency… | Read More »

AVoid burglars on social media

Staying safe from burglars while on social media

It is surprising how often burglars use social media to keep track of peoples movements and identify their next moves. There are a number of ways in which burglars can track your movements. These include Google Street View, Google Image Search and image directories. Ultimately however, the information you post on social media can be… | Read More »

Outdoor security tips - CCTV

Outdoor security tips to help protect your home

During our lifetime, it can be argued that our home is our single biggest purchase. As we spend so many years of our lives paying towards a mortgage, what could be more important than protecting such an asset, in addition to our families that life there? Homes that lack deterrents around outdoor boundaries are very… | Read More »

Spring Security Tips

Spring Security Tips For Your Home

Spring can be a really busy time of year for homeowners. In addition to the usual spring clean, there is also a multitude of DIY, gardening and general outdoor maintenance to tackle. Our Spring security tips will help you to plan ahead and secure your property. During spring, people may pay little attention to home… | Read More »

Home security and technology – plus winter security tips

Home security and technology are increasingly linked. Using tech to secure your home is more common. Here, we present a number of tips to keep your home safe, including some specific tips relating to the winter period now that the snow is upon us: Lock away your snow shovel. Although useful for clearing pathways during… | Read More »