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The top 5 security concerns for a small business

Running a small business is tough. There is so much to consider on top of making your customers happy. You need to keep an eye on every part of your business to ensure that you work profitably, retain profit margins and don’t put your business at risk. With this in mind, we at Sparta have… | Read More »


Sparta Hawk Eye is here and ready to protect you

Something that we are all excited about at Sparta HQ at the moment is Sparta Hawk Eye which is the most up to date piece of equipment available today. It connects us to your home or place of business so we can monitor you and keep you safe. We take business security as a high… | Read More »


It is the little things that make the difference

Here at Sparta we take a lot of pride in the fact that we can help people in any circumstances and at any budget. We have some very big clients that we are proud to support with all their security needs, but we also help the little guys too. The fact is that we want… | Read More »