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5 ways to improve your home security without spending a penny

We all want out home to be safe when we are not there. Whether it’s going away for a few days, while we are out at work or for that 2-week period when we jet off to sunnier climes, our home contains all our prized possessions. Looking after the home means that you keep people… | Read More »


What lengths do your Darlington business security company go to?

The security of your business is an important thing. You work hard to earn a living and provide for your family. Your employees rely on you too – to keep them in work and look after their best interests. But there are some out there that want to take from your business without the hard… | Read More »


Darlington security patrols for homes and businesses – Sparta

It’s like anything that you don’t know. The world can be a dangerous place, if you don’t have the right protection. The budgets of the local police are being cut all the time, and they work hard to get to crimes in the area. The people of Darlington are looking for a better way to… | Read More »


How to protect my construction site from theft

It’s an unfortunate part of construction in the modern age. The materials and machinery that you use and leave on site are at risk from thieves. With many construction sites still having the weekend off, they are vulnerable from Friday night until Monday morning. It’s no wonder that people are asking how to protect my… | Read More »


Sparta’s event security North East helps it to run smoothly

Sparta have been incredibly busy keeping the people and events of North East England safe over the last few weeks. We have teams of trained, professional security staff that can look after your event, large or small. Event security North East is one of our specialities. We can provide a few guards up to a… | Read More »