Construction Security

A construction site is a very popular target for thieves and trespassers which is why it is highly recommended to have security measures in place. Here at Sparta Security we provide a second to none construction security service throughout the North East and the surrounding areas to give you full peace of mind that your site, materials, tools and site vehicles remain safe at all times.

We offer various security options that can be tailored to your requirements to ensure you have the very best level of security available for your construction site. As a team we are made up of highly professional and very experienced security officers who are dedicated to providing the very best level of security available in the North East.

A construction site is the perfect target for thieves which is why having a good security detail in place is extremely important, we can offer security guard services, CCTV installation and monitoring and alarm monitoring and response services all of which will be made fully bespoke to suit you.

Our team of security officers are all SIA certified and have gained their experience whilst working with some of the biggest organisations in the UK. Here at Sparta Security customer service is always at the top of our priorities which is why we will always provide extremely rapid response times as well as using the very best surveillance equipment available. Some of our clients have, in the past, experienced up to a 6 hour response time when reporting a break in to a construction site, by which time the perpetrator will be long gone, however this no longer needs to be a worry as you can be rest assured that Sparta Security’s response times are extremely rapid giving us the very best chance to catch the thief and detain them until the police arrive.

As part of our construction security services we offer security guards who can patrol your site and be there to stop any trespassers or thieves before they manage to get their hands on anything. We always use the very latest in night vision technology which gives us an edge as it allows us to move through the darkness which can prove to be a big threat to trespassers. Having active security guards on your site also acts as an excellent deterrent, however, even if someone did attempt to break in, we always wear body mounted CCTV equipment giving you all the proof you need when handing over the offender to the police.

We will carry out regular patrols of your site both on foot and by vehicle, however we can also supply and fit the very best quality CCTV systems and alarms which will alert you to any problems and will also deter any potential break ins. Having CCTV systems in place can also help to reduce your insurance premiums by a drastic amount.

If you are interested in the construction security that we provide throughout the North East please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call on 0800 023 4480 to discuss your requirements with us and put an effective security plan in place for your construction site.

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