Covert Security

Following the continued success of our business and residential security services we have extended our services to include bespoke covert security and covert surveillance to pre-determined missions set out by yourselves. We carry out covert operations throughout the UK and the north east for any purpose, domestic violence, thefts, burglaries, staff issues, insurance fraud & domestic issues like adultery or just general curiosity!

The way we work is to hide unseen in the surrounding area and set up random patrols without arousing suspicion. We use the latest SAS style thermal imaging and nightvision technology to see criminals/suspects in pitch blackness so as not to scare them off with bright torches and high visibility clothing. We use specialised camouflage to hide our `Sparta Snipers` in the undergrowth/bushes etc along with camo face paints and other stealth orientated equipment, we do our best to capture footage of any suspect using our body mounted CCTV as well as actually handcuffing and detaining the individuals until the police arrive.

If you have an idea of what you want us to do and want to discuss if we will do this for you then please give us a call, we cannot give fixed prices on the website due to the bespoke service that this is, quite simply peoples projects require different strategies and we will do our best to provide you with a cheap quote for carry out your covert surveillance/security. 0800 0234480.

View our video page for more information about what we do.

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Services You Will Receive

  • Site Patrols
  • Night vision and thermal imaging scans
  • Dog handlers
  • Body Mounted CCTV
  • SIA accredited security guards

Customer Reviews

John Menzies

Outstanding service and 100% commitment to crime prevention and theft deterrent, I would highly recommend these guys!

Ward Bros Steel LTD

We have used the services of Sparta Security for many years now and have had no reason to change our guards they perform very well.