Security Guards

Providing Security Guards in the North East

24/7 around the clock security is common in a lot of industries these days as a result of the credit crunch, an increase in crime and theft has started to take its toll on business`s of all sizes. Thefts can be of large expensive equipment in the dark of night to the small but still expensive thefts of fuel and metals for sale on the black market.

Our trained SIA certified security guards are able to cope with a whole range of situations, we commonly hide out in the mud, under bushes and behind walls for hours just waiting for the criminal to show up and make a move. We take special care to go unseen in the night with night vision equipment and thermal imaging to guide us through the dark paths and back alleyways where the police often don't go. Our Security Guards are all trained to handcuff and detain criminals suspected of trespassing or committing an act of theft or misconduct under the riot act.

We can tailor a bespoke security service for your property/commercial premises using a single guard or a team with a specific goal. If You have any questions about what we offer and how we can help your organisation please do not hesitate to give us call on 0800 0234480

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Services You Will Receive

  • Site Patrols
  • Night vision and thermal imaging scans
  • Dog handlers
  • Body Mounted CCTV
  • Key Holding Service
  • SIA accredited security guards

Customer Reviews

John Menzies

Outstanding service and 100% commitment to crime prevention and theft deterrent, I would highly recommend these guys!

Ward Bros Steel LTD

We have used the services of Sparta Security for many years now and have had no reason to change our guards they perform very well.

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