Sparta Street Safe

Sparta Security have been patrolling Darlington for a number of years now and our StreetSafe campaign has seen statistics for crime fall in areas where we operate. We are now able to provide a much cheaper service for Darlington residents due to our large client base in this area. Our trained SIA certifieds guards will patrol your home and neighbourhood day and night in a stealthy manner hidden with camouflage and high tech surveillance equipment to catch criminals in the act. Thermal imaging and night vision equipment give us the edge over trespassers in the dark of the night and it enables us to go down the back alleys and dark pathways where the police and other firms do not go.

"95% of police call outs were cut since the arrival of Sparta Street Safe on patrols around Barnard Castle Bowes Museum" - Barnard Castle Police Sparta Burglar Watch is here to make streets and neighbourhoods in Darlington feel safer. Our mobile patrol unit (vehicle and foot) comprising of SIA licensed and police checked security wardens is helping to create a safer environment for the residents of Darlington by reducing crime, burglaries and unruly behaviour on the streets of Darlington. Sparta Burglar Watch will have wardens patrolling your specific neighbourhood at random times throughout the day and night.

Sparta work with many councils, authorities on diffusing antisocial behaviour across the UK and if your community is suffering please ask sparta how we can help and for what cost.

Generally, all areas we operate in have their problems solved as our director and manager work around the clock and always provide a solution.

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Services You Will Receive

  • Reduce Anti-social behaviour and noise
  • Disperse gangs of youths
  • Carry out random patrols day and night whilst you are away on holiday
  • Link your burglar alarm to Sparta`s alarmed response team
  • Make your neighbourhood safer for your children and family
  • Escort you through unsecured areas
  • Send rapid response wardens to your door on request
  • Provide peace of mind for senior citizens
  • Theft Prevention & Deterrence
  • Private Policing
  • Alarm Response
  • Panic Alarms/CCTV
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce crime statistics

Customer Reviews

Andy & Rachel Mcnab

We had our car and contents insurance reduced by a total of £173 after Sparta Security set up patrols & installed CCTV & security lights in our home.

Paul & Marylin

We called our insurance after Sparta Security had installed CCTV and set up daily patrols around our home. Our insurance was reduced by a total of £155 for the car and contents, it almost paid for itself in the first year. We have used the services of Uk Event Security for many years now and have had no reason to change our guards they perform very well.