Sparta In The Press

SELF-STYLED Spartan warrior Francis Jones could be the star of a BBC documentary. Mr Jones – security specialist and colourful character – is currently being tailed by a camera crew from BBC3.

The 33-year-old boxer is the brains behind Sparta Security, a private security firm that prides itself on protecting the community at all costs.

Using traditional and unconventional techniques, the Spartans – who include a large number of ex-military personnel –help to secure sites, crackdown on anti-social behaviour and deter criminal activity throughout Darlington and County Durham.

Mr Jones attracted the eye of the BBC who have commissioned a pilot based on his “unique” approach to private security – if successful, the wannabe world champion boxer could be the star of a three part series.

The devout Christian set up the company after giving up work as a doorman and in nightclubs and pubs.

He’s now committed to making a positive difference in his local community – whether it’s through fighting crime, providing apprenticeships or giving the homeless a place to stay.

His innovative techniques range from bunkering down in fields overnight to insisting petty thieves accompany him to church.

He said, “I want to make a difference in the community and if we make a difference to people’s lives it has a knock-on effect. What we do is unique and with all the police coming off the streets across the country there’s the opportunity for private security firms. It’s exciting what we do – I have men dressing up like Rambo hiding in the bushes, people wearing boot polish and trying to catch burglars. I'm game for anything – God protects me and it doesn't matter if it’s Goliath or the world champion, he will get taken down if he’s burgling a house.”

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Featured in an 8 part documentary series on BBC3.