What Makes Us Different?

Sparta Security is far more than your average security company. We think differently to other companies who go for the same old methods. The world is changing and you want a security company that deals with the challenges you face today. Sparta work to our ten commandments of business. These are our commitment to you –

1. Trust, Honesty, Reliability is what makes Sparta so successful. Sparta’s owner is a Christian and uses the model of Trust, Honesty & Reliability throughout this business to help residents and businesses provide help for problems ….. Sparta are solution specialists!

2. All of our monitoring is recorded, so you can see when, where and how we are proactively looking after you.

3. We provide innovative solutions for you. No two issues are the same, so we look at your situation and put together a personalised plan to help you.

4. We work with boots on the ground. Our operatives know what is going on because they walk the streets and see what is happening. This puts them in the ideal position to act

5. We help people from all walks of life. Our clients include local people, retail businesses, farms and more. Sparta, are security experts.

6. Enhanced Security gives you the chance to get on with your life again. The fear of break-in, antisocial behaviour or damage to a building can take over your every thought. Our Security Officers are here to let you live your life again.

7. Sparta surveillance team help you to develop a strategy based on what is happening. If circumstances change, then we change with them to ensure you have the best cover.

8. All our team have are CRB checked and are trained in areas on ‘ Resolving Conflict and diffusing confrontation which gives our security teams control in heated situations.

9. We use the latest techniques to deliver you the best protection, including drones and thermal imaging and have an expert security team that go and patrol premises and are trained in control and restraint and handcuffing techniques.

10. Sparta Security ‘ think outside the box ‘, we are not the same as any other uk security provider. We use different tactics for example we want to catch the intruder if they are on our site NOT deter them because they will just be back another day.